Children face vehicle every three seconds at crossing

By Surrey and Hants News in Planning

A?vehicle every three seconds - that’s what children and parents face as they attempt to use the pedestrian crossing outside Selborne CE Aided Primary School.

They must also cross the road three times and dodge wing mirrors as pedestrians and motorists are squeezed together by the narrow road and narrower pavements of the B3006.

The road, linking the A31 at Alton with the A3 at Greatham, runs through the heart of the village, with the school on the route.

In an effort to highlight the dangers, villagers Gren and Jan Earney, James Sunderland and Hayley Carter invited county, district and parish councillors to join them on a typical walk to the school, from the village hall, on June 30.

Jan and Gren Earney organise SpeedWatch in Selborne, and data presented to their guests was taken from these sessions.

Jan said: “The aim of the day was to highlight the need for a safer route to school and a safer way to cross the road outside the school.

"The guests met in the village hall at 8am for a presentation by Gren and me, after which they were invited to walk to school with different families from the village so that they would get an authentic feel for what the children face on a daily basis. They all got the picture fairly quickly.

“The observations made over several years by the SpeedWatch team have caused considerable alarm and have led to this event.

“The team regularly observe an increase in top speeds being recorded - notably more at 30-plus; cars, lorries, vans and tractors unable or unwilling to slow down, mounting the pavement and driving along for some distance, endangering pedestrians; parking - delivery drivers are the worst - on pavements so that pedestrians, even those with pushchairs, have to walk in the road; residents being hit by wing mirrors at the narrowest points in the village; and overtaking, especially of those people actually doing the 20mph speed limit.

“Our crossing patrol resigned after 60 drivers failed to stop over a two-week period. This has left our children exposed to unnecessary danger on a daily basis. Implementation of a scheme to safeguard our children must be the highest priority.”

Hayley Carter said: “The crossing by the school is dangerous. The speed of traffic continues to be way above the limit. Pavements are too narrow and uneven, which makes it especially difficult with pushchairs.”

The Data


1,411 vehicles per hour at crossing

(986 northbound, 425 southbound)

20mph or less - 221 north, 150 south

21-23mph - 184 north, 107 south

24mph or more - 581 north, 168 south

Top speed - 44mph north, 46mph south


1,200 vehicles per hour at crossing

(654 northbound, 546 southbound)

20mph or less - 204 north, 105 south

21-23mph - 146 north, 138 south

24mph or more - 304 north, 303 south

Top speed - 42mph north, 37mph south

Colliding with a child at:

40mph - will probably kill child

30mph - 80 per cent chance of survival

20mph - child likely to survive with minor injuries