Everything’s ready - use your vote

By Surrey and Hants News in Politics

Don’t waste your chance to vote in the General Election - that’s the message from East Hampshire District Council as the final preparations are being made.

East Hampshire District Council’s elections team runs elections, providing the infrastructure, support staff and organisation to allow residents to cast their vote.

Sandy Hopkins, East Hampshire District Council’s chief executive, is also returning officer for the area and oversees the process.

She said: “Managing an election is a lot of work and responsibility for a small team of people - especially a snap election which doesn’t give us much time to prepare.

“We consider it an honour for us to provide the democratic machinery that allows our residents to have their say on how our country is run.

“A much larger team from many walks of life across East Hampshire have offered their services for duties such as opening postal votes, running the polling stations on the day and the count through the night after the polls close at 10pm.

“Everything will be ready on June 8 - all that’s left is for the voters to turn out and cast their vote.

“Make sure you don’t waste your chance to vote.”

Across the district are 72 manned polling stations in schools, village halls, pubs and shops, ready to receive East Hampshire’s electorate of more than 74,000 registered voters.

For those who can’t make it to the polling stations more than 15,000 postal votes have been requested.

On the night of the election, teams of counters, around 60 in all, will be totting up the votes in time to announce the official result in the early hours of the morning.

Find out the result on East Hampshire District Council’s website www.easthants.gov.uk, or follow events during the night on the council’s Twitter account @EastHantsDC.