Vandals attack Pepperpot

By Surrey and Hants News in Crime

Vandals have daubed graffiti on Godalming’s best-known landmark, The Pepperpot, as well as other places around the town.

There have also been some amateur Parkour attempts with youths climbing up onto various buildings, which has also caused costly damage to the newly-refurbished Wilfrid Noyce Centre.

The town council has urged residents ro report vandals and youngsters climbing on buildings which, it says, has coincided with the lighter evenings. Residents are urged to call the police on 101. If instances are not reported, the police are unable to act or build up a picture of the activity, the council says.

“The damage caused by both the graffiti and the youths climbing onto buildings is both costly in terms of taxpayers’ money and potentially dangerous should someone fall from a roof, so we are urging everyone to be vigilant to help prevent further instances,” it said in a statement.