Marathon efforts all round

By Surrey and Hants News in Athletics

Last month we reported on a number of runners taking part in this year’s London Marathon. Here is a snapshot of their achievements.

Alex Whattingham ran the London Marathon in four hours, 28 minutes, raising £1,770 for UK Youth, while Charlotte Featherstone crossed the finish line after four hours and 47 minutes and in doing so raised just over £1,000 for HomeStart Bordon. Stu Laurie, who has raised £1,100 for RNIB, ran the marathon in five hours and six minutes, while Pam Carr-Barney took five hours and 18 minutes and has raised more than £4,000 for Muscular Dystrophy UK in support of local boy Harry Barnley who is a pupil at William Cobbett Primary School and has Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

There were 12 runners from Farnham Runners who raised £16,000 for charities, with Sarah McCulloch exceeding the highest previous individual total with £10,800 for Breast Cancer Now. The fastest Farnham Runner was Jason East in three hours, 14 minutes, 37 seconds, and the fastest woman for Farnham Runners was Emma Pearson in three hours, 24 minutes, 59 seconds.

There were also 20 runners who took part on behalf of Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care and between them raised more than £50,000. Among them was Theo Creswell who, at just 18, was one of the youngest runners of the day. Fellow runner Neil Miller raised more than £8,000 for PTHC, while the fastest was James Whistler who finished the race in three hours and 14 minutes.