Godalming's flood defences at the ready

By Surrey and Hants News in Environment

Temporary flood defence barriers are now standing ready to protect Meadrow and Catteshall Road in Godalming.

After the floods which happened over the Christmas and new year period of 2012-13, Godalming Town Council has been working on the Godalming Flood Alleviation Scheme in partnership with the Environment Agency, Surrey County Council, Waverley Borough Council, Thames Water, Scottish and Southern Electricity, Godalming Flood Group and the Farncombe and District Allotment Association.

The town council has agreed to donate much of the land required for the permanent defences, which will run along Hell Ditch. It will also maintain the defences once they are built.

Work on the permanent scheme will not start until next spring, so the temporary barriers have been made available to provide a defence against rising floodwaters, should the need arise, until then.

The land was cleared in the autumn, and the temporary defences now stand ready to be used should the need arise.

Godalming Mayor David Hunter said: “Although the temporary flood defences were available to be deployed if needed over the winter, the test deployment on Wednesday gives added confidence and I can’t thank enough the allotment holders on Catteshall allotments, who have worked tirelessly over many months to prepare the ground. The work of the allotment association has saved many thousands of pounds and ensured that everything was ready on time.

“I would also like to thank everyone involved in pushing this scheme forward, especially the team from Godalming Town Council, who despite being the smallest organisation involved, have punched well above their weight for the benefit of our community.”